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Warren R. Hull

Annette C. Hull is a managing partner of AnnWar Productions a Las Vegas, Nevada-based LLC.After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from California State University, San Bernardino in 1987 and her graduate degree in Education Counseling from the University of Redlands in 1992, she embarked on a 15-year career as an educator and sports medicine practitioner. During this time, she began engaging in a series of business ventures; the most notable of which was her ownership of a regional sports franchise, the Tri-Cities Rattlers Football organization, in Kennewick, Washington. Annette’s ability to develop relationships with community leaders, business owners, and community members was instrumental in establishing not only the Tri-Cities franchise but the Inland Northwest Football League as well. 

As the General Manager of the Rattler franchise, she had complete oversight of the day to day operations of the organization, brand development, and team and league marketing and publicity.  Her relationship with the local media helped facilitate the negotiation of a regional radio and television broadcasting and distribution package for the Rattlers and the league; the first of its kind for a minor league sports conference. 

In 2016, AnnWar Productions launched the Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition. The goal of the venture is to provide a forum for talented filmmakers to be recognized for their work, creativity, and achievement. Due to the success of the competition, the 2017 edition of the event will expand into a five-day film festival. Annette is currently developing and overseeing AnnWar Productions equity and crowd-funding platforms, marketing strategies and public relationships programs. 

Annette holds her Producing Certificate from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Annette C. Hull

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Warren R. Hull was named as one of the top "100 Film Makers in the World" by the Action on Film International Film Festival in 2016 and a producer, author, and award-winning screenwriter.  

Warren's scripts include USNB-22, a feature film based on the last band to serve aboard the U.S.S. Arizona; Valley of Spirits, a Native American themed film of friendship and redemption; A Life Off Center - The Mike Webster, a mini-series based on the life of National Football League Hall of Fame player and member of the Pittsburgh Steelers whose tragic death led to the discovery of the degenerative brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE; Roselli, a mini-series based on the life of famed mobster Johnny Roselli; and Privileged Deceit, the story of his family’s involvement in the 1947 murder of mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and based on his true crime book, Family Secret (2004).

Warren has been a featured speaker at various conferences and seminars around the country and is considered a leading authority on early Los Angeles politics and organized crime; the development of Las Vegas, and the life of famed billionaire Howard Hughes.  

Warren holds a Certificate in Feature Film Writing (and is currently pursuing his Certificate in Film Directing) from the University of California at Los Angeles.